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Venture Capitalist Calls 911 On Black Businessmen For ‘Trespassing’ In Their Own Building Gym



As cases of racism continue to plague the United States and racial tensions boil over into a series of protests over the killing of black Americans, an outrageous video has emerged online showing a group of black businessmen being confronted by a white investor for using the private gym in the Minneapolis building where they rent an office.

The video was shared on Instagram by one of the men who own the digital marketing firm “Top Figure,” and shows venture capitalist Tom Austin asking whether they “belong” in the shared private gym.

“What office are you in?” Austin says, as the men try to explain they are tenants in the building. “I’m calling 911 now.”

The men told Austin, who identified himself in the video, they were all tenants and pointed out later they needed key cards to access most parts of the building.

“Granted in order to enter the building you NEED a key card to enter EVERY part of the building which EACH of our team members individually have,” the men posted on their company’s Instagram page. “We all pay rent here and this man demanded that we show him our key cards or he will call the cops on us. We are sick and tired of tolerating this type of behavior on a day to day basis.”

Austin, CEO of F2 Group venture capital firm, previously gained infamy for publicly opposing a name change from Lake Calhoun — honoring the pro-slavery Sen. John Calhoun, who never visited Minnesota — to Bde Maka Ska in honor of the native Dakota tribe.

Watch the video below.

Austin later told Bring Me The News that some of the men appeared to be trespassing.

“One of the tenants brought 4 friends and I complained to them that this isn’t right and it’s unfair to the tenants who pay,” Austin said. “They got in my face in a very threatening manner and I threatened back to call [building] security.”

The incident comes a day after another viral video showed New York City investment manager Amy Cooper call 911 and report that she was being threatened by a black bird watcher who asked her to follow Central Park rules for dogs on leashes.

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If You Thought Kamala Harris Was Tough On Brett Kavanaugh, Just Wait Until She Debates Mike Pence



Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Tuesday selected Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) as his running mate. Following the news of Biden’s selection, MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace called into her network while on vacation to point out that Harris will mop the floor with Vice President Mike Pence during debates.

“The other piece of reporting I’ve picked up in the past week was from the Trump team, that from their viewpoint, because Donald Trump has no capacity to understand that this is the selection of a person to run the government with the president, he only saw this in terms of casting for the night of primetime coverage that is the vice presidential debate, and this was the pick that scared them the most,” Wallace told MSNBC’s Brian Williams.

“They thought she would more than go toe-to-toe with [Mike] Pence, they thought she could chew him up and spit him out and pointed to her cross-examination of one Bill Barr,” she explained.

“I don’t know that there’s a better debater or questioner on the political field right now,” Wallace said. Her skill-set is unmatched in terms much being able to articulate an argument, to patiently wait to make her point and look at the argument that the democratic ticket has to make.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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