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Trump And His GOP Allies Are Trying To Sabotage The Election — Here Are 10 Things You Can Do To Protect Your Vote



It’s an open secret. Donald Trump and his Republican allies are openly sabotaging the 2020 election. And they don’t seem to care if people know. They think they can get away with it because the courts are packed with conservative judges who will side with them in a contested election.

Not satisfied with the fact that Russia is actively working with his campaign to help him get re-elected, Trump is going after the U.S. Postal Service, bringing massive changes to its makeup ahead of an impending surge of mail-in ballots.

Last Friday, Postmaster General Louis Dejoy, a major ally of Trump’s, revealed in a memo that the Leadership of USPS daily operations would be completely transformed. According to the Washington Post, Twenty-three executives were “reassigned or displaced.”

“I have decided we need to realign the organization to provide greater focus on the core aspects of our business and to give us a better chance for future success.” wrote DeJoy in his memo to employees.

The Postal Service will implement a hiring freeze and will downsize from seven regions to four. The Post also reported it will ask for voluntary early retirements.

Make no mistake. These changes will not only cause delays in medicine deliveries for seniors, paychecks for workers. It’s also designed to delay in mail-in ballots, which could affect the outcome of the pivotal November election.

“We can’t let Donald Trump destroy the U.S. Postal Service,” tweeted Joe Biden. “Every single eligible American should have the opportunity to vote-by-mail this November. If it’s good enough for Donald Trump– then it’s good enough for you and me.”.

“When you sabotage the USPS, you SABOTAGE: millions of voters who rely on vote-by mail; Americans who receive Social Security; individuals who need their medication shipped; livelihoods of half a million Postal workers,” wrote Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D-Florida).

But Republicans are hell-bent into rigging the election. In their stimulus proposal, or HEALS Act, Republicans don’t include any aid for the USPS, who’s workers are one the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis.

The effects of the USPS shakeup are already being felt through increased delays, even for priority shipments, and increased inaccessibility to the USPS tracking site. Thousands have spoken-up to promote visibility on the issue on Twitter.

Trump is coming after the USPS because he is set on getting reelected. There is no way to stop voter suppression with conservative control of the Supreme Court, presidency, and Senate.

Here are some 10 action items to consider to protect your vote:

  1.  If you’re going to vote by mail, vote early, otherwise expect long lines on election day.
  2.  Double-check your registration, make sure you haven’t been purged. In-fact open up a new tab and check now!
  3. If your state allows you to drop off mail-in ballots in person, consider choosing one person from your social circle to collect and drop-off the ballots.
  4. Make sure your signature matches the one that the state has on record.
  5. If you can do so, safely consider volunteering to be a poll worker. Most poll workers are older volunteers who are at risk of contracting COVID-19. There is a definite need for young people to step in and reduce the burden.
  6. Contact your reps/state secretary and make sure there are drop-boxes in your area.
  7. Make sure your friends and relatives know what is at stake so they don’t fall for any disguised propaganda on social media.
  8. If you’re going to vote in person – request a Hand-Marked Paper Ballot! These are the hardest to hack/manipulate because they are the easiest to verify!
  9. Block Fox News/OANN on every TV you have access to between now and the end of time.
  10. Prepare your social circles. We may not know who won for sure until a month – 2 months after the election. There are going to be non-stop attempts to sow disinformation, doubt, and paranoia during the time period. Get yourself and your people mentally prepared for a category 5 hurricane of bullshit.

Make your voice heard.

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‘I can’t In Good Countenance Continue To Show This’: Fox News Cut Away From Trump’s Press Sec. For Pushing Baseless Claims Of Election Fraud



Fox News anchor Neil Cavuto on Monday cut away from a press briefing featuring Kayleigh McEnany, who is both the White House press secretary and a Trump campaign spokesperson, as she continued to push Donald Trump’s baseless claims of election fraud.

“She’s charging the other side as welcoming fraud and illegal voting. Unless she has more details to back that up, I can’t in good countenance continue to show you this,” Cavuto said as he cut off the press conference, pushing back on what he described as “explosive” charges from McEnany.

“Not so fast,” Cavuto added.

McEnany suggested, without evidence, that Democrats welcomed “fraud” and “illegal voting” in the 2020 election.

“We want every legal vote to be counted,” McEnany said, echoing President Donald Trump’s unsubstantiated claim that votes for President-elect Joe Biden were illegal.

Though multiple major news outlets, including Fox News, have declared Biden the projected winner of the 2020 election, Trump has refused to concede and is rejecting the results, claiming that he won the election.

Meanwhile, a number of world leaders have congratulated Biden on his victory, including UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Even before the end of voting on November 3, the president repeatedly signaled he would claim the election was “rigged” against him if he lost, but there is no evidence to substantiate such claims.

Watch Nei Cavuto’s segment below:

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