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The ‘Remarkable, Beautiful’ Moment Protesters Sang ‘Lean On Me’ Near The White House



In a historic moment described on Twitter as “surreal” and “remarkable,” thousands of protesters on Wednesday joined together, holding their cellphones in the air ― with the flashlights illuminated — to sing the late Bill Withers’ hit “Lean on Me”

Withers’ song appears to be becoming something of an anthem at anti-racism protests that have spread across the country following the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week.

Multiple videos of the heartwarming scene are now going viral on Twitter:


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White House Press Secretary Compares Trump’s Church Photo Op To Churchill In WW II



The Trump administration is known for its ludicrous claims, but White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany is taking outrageous to a whole new level. During a White House press briefing today she compared Donald Trump’s church photo op on Monday to Winston Churchill inspecting bomb damage in London during the blitz in World War II.

One small difference: Churchill didn’t gas his own citizens, or need riot police to clear a path for him so he can take a photo to pander to the religious right.

As expected, the responses were swift and blistering:

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