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Jim Bakker Suffers Stroke: Report



Embattled televangelist Jim Bakker has suffered a stroke and will be taking a sabbatical from “The Jim Bakker Show,” his wife Lori Bakker announced in a Facebook post.

In her post, Lori announced that Bakker, 80, had a stroke and added, “For many years now, Jim has been working non-stop, working hard to bring incredible prophets and guests to our show, discovering and developing new products to share … and bringing forth the message for the days that we are living in. All of these projects, and the vigorous warfare that we have experienced in the last several weeks, have taken a huge toll on Jim’s health.”

“We are thankful that Jim is okay, and that he is now at home with our family,” she wrote from the show’s page. “Jim will be back!”

Bakker got in hot water for selling a fake coronavirus cure on his program. He was sued by Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt for claiming a silver product could kill COVID-19.

“Anyone who has bought ‘Silver Solution’ from ‘The Jim Bakker Show’ should know that it cannot cure or treat coronavirus,” the Missouri Attorney General office announced in a statement.

On March 6, New York state Attorney General Letitia James ordered Bakker to quit misleading New Yorkers by falsely advertising the product “Silver Solution” as a reliable treatment. Four days later, the state of Missouri filed a lawsuit against Bakker and his production company for selling the bogus treatment.

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‘Trump Golfs You Die’ Trending After New Anti-Trump Ad Goes Viral



A new anti-Trump ad created by progressive video producers Meidas Touch is taking the internet by storm. The ad argues that while 100,000 Americans have died due to COVID-19, one wouldn’t know that from watching Trump golf for the 118th time.

The viral ad about Trump’s golfing expedition, showcasing the latest visit Trump took to the golf course, went viral shortly after it was uploaded and the hashtag #TrumpGolfsYouDie quickly started trending on Twitter.

Trump golfed on both Saturday and Sunday, not stopping to take a break from his extracurricular activities.


One upset Twitter user noted that Trump’s golfing wasn’t just out of place during a pandemic, it was also expensive.

Others pointed out the horrific COVID-19 death toll.

What is your response?

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