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Is a Male Prostitution Scandal About To Blow Up In Lindsey Graham’s Face?



This article first appeared on The Daily Boulder. Rumors about Sen. Lindsey Graham’s sexuality have been going around for a while. But last week, the hashtag #LadyGraham exploded on social media in response to a gay porn star threatening to out a “homophobic Republican senator” whom he calls “LG”  —the hashtag, along with the abbreviated form “Lady G,” purportedly refers to Graham’s nickname among male sex workers.

“There is a homophobic republican senator who is no better than Trump who keeps passing legislation that is damaging to the lgbt and minority communities. Every sex worker I know has been hired by this man. Wondering if enough of us spoke out if that could get him out of office?” Sean Harding wrote on Twitter last week. “EVERY major news network is in my inbox including high profile lawyers willing to take this case,” he added.

Harding also said he has “two male escorts willing to come forward,” to expose “LG.”

What followed has been a mixed bag of political commentary, wild speculation and downright trolling. And #LadyGraham was born.

For years, the gay rights movement encouraged Americans to come out of the closet. Outing politicians, especially those who hypocritically demonized LGBTQ people, was seen as a necessary part of the political project.

But in the age of social media, #LadyGraham could become a devastating scandal, not only for Sen. Graham, but for the entire Republican party.

Like a double-edged sword, the fury toward Graham over his embrace of President Trump and his policies, combined with a potential male prostitution scandal, could cost Graham his seat in the November election, and the Republican majority in the Senate at the same time.

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If You Thought Kamala Harris Was Tough On Brett Kavanaugh, Just Wait Until She Debates Mike Pence



Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden on Tuesday selected Senator Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) as his running mate. Following the news of Biden’s selection, MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace called into her network while on vacation to point out that Harris will mop the floor with Vice President Mike Pence during debates.

“The other piece of reporting I’ve picked up in the past week was from the Trump team, that from their viewpoint, because Donald Trump has no capacity to understand that this is the selection of a person to run the government with the president, he only saw this in terms of casting for the night of primetime coverage that is the vice presidential debate, and this was the pick that scared them the most,” Wallace told MSNBC’s Brian Williams.

“They thought she would more than go toe-to-toe with [Mike] Pence, they thought she could chew him up and spit him out and pointed to her cross-examination of one Bill Barr,” she explained.

“I don’t know that there’s a better debater or questioner on the political field right now,” Wallace said. Her skill-set is unmatched in terms much being able to articulate an argument, to patiently wait to make her point and look at the argument that the democratic ticket has to make.”

Take a look at the video clip below:

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