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Paul Ryan Tells Fox He’s Working Hard To Make Life Worse For The Poor And Elderly



Appearing on Fox News this week, House Speaker Paul Ryan reacted to the two-year budget deal passed by lawmakers to avoid a government shutdown, boasting about the massive increase in military spending and saying that Congress needs to do more to gut the welfare state.

“We’ve got more to do on entitlements, on mandatory spending,” Ryan said in a Fox Business interview on Tuesday morning. “We added more Medicare means-testing in this particular bill. So we think we’re making progress on that but what we have to make sure is we don’t hollow out our military.”

You read that right. Ryan loves sacrificing the poor to benefit military contractors and the war industry.

“We have to get our other partners in government to be willing to do the kind of entitlement reform that we’re willing to do in the House,” Ryan insisted.

Ryan even went back to complaining about how, while the House passed an Obamacare repeal bill—which would have left 23 million people uninsured—his counterparts in the Senate would not help a guy out by voting to pass it too.

Harping on about supposedly out-of-control entitlements is an interesting position to take for someone who just passed deficit-exploding tax cuts for the rich, but that’s Paul Ryan and the GOP for you.

As long as Republicans in power, they will never end their quest to cut programs for poor people.

Watch the interview below:

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White House Press Sec. Clashes With Reporters Over Trump’s Joe Scarborough Murder Smear



White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany had a contentious briefing with reporters on Tuesday as she defiantly pushed back on criticism of President Donald Trump for pushing the conspiracy theory that MSNBC host Joe Scarborough is guilty of murdering intern Lori Klausutis.

“The opening of a Cold Case against Psycho Joe Scarborough was not a Donald Trump original thought, this has been going on for years, long before I joined the chorus,” Trump wrote in a tweet, “about whether or not Joe could have done such a horrible thing? Maybe or maybe not, but I find Joe to be a total Nut Job, and I knew him well, far better than most. So many unanswered & obvious questions, but I won’t bring them up now! Law enforcement eventually will?”

ABC correspondent Jonathan Karl asked McEnany if Trump would honor a request from Klausutis’ family to take down the tweet.

“Why is the president making these unfounded allegations?” Karl asked. “This is pretty nuts, isn’t it? The president is accusing somebody of possible murder. The family is pleading with the president to please stop unfounded conspiracy theories. Why is he doing this?”

“I do know that our hearts are with Lori’s family at this time,” McEnany said without answering the question.

Shen then glanced at her prepared remarks and accused Scarborough of “joking about killing an intern” years after Klausutis died.

“I’m sure that was hurtful to Lori’s family,” she added.

“He’s the president of the United States,” Karl pointed out, “and he’s accusing somebody of possibly murder. This is different. He’s not a private citizen. He’s the president.”

“Yeah,” McEnany said, returning to her notes. “Joe Scarborough, if we want to start talking about false accusations, we have quite a few we can go through.”

“I’m asking about the president’s allegations,” Karl pressed.


McEnany then left the room without addressing the question.

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