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Woman Who Accused Dr. Fauci Of Sexual Assault Now Says She Was Paid To Lie By Trump Supporters: Report



This Article First Appeared On The Daily Boulder: A woman who had accused Dr. Anthony Fauci of sexual assault has come forward to claim it was all a lie that she constructed after being paid by supporters of Donald Trump.

According to Reason, Diana Andrade was persuaded with money by right-wing provocateur Jacob Wohl and his frequent accomplice Jack Burkman to cast Fauci as a sexual predator using an actual sexual assault encounter she survived just after high school.

“The reality is that I’ve known Jacob since 2018 and that he charmed me into taking money to do this (see attached picture of us together),” Andrade told Reason in an email. “[They also] had me do something like this…back in January.”

According to the report, Andrade decided to abandon her claim after the two Trump supporters urged her to find another woman to accuse Fauci of sexual assault.

“Let me tell you something, Diana,” says Burkman on the nine-minute, 35-second call. “This guy shut the country down. He put 40 million people out of work. In a situation like that, you have to make up whatever you have to make up to stop that train and that’s the way life works, okay? That’s the way it goes.”

This isn’t the first time Wohl and Burkman have created false sexual assault accusations. They have done this to former special counsel Robert Mueller and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

According to the report, Andrade reminded the pair that the coronavirus was dangerous, and keeping people inside was the right thing to do – but Burkman did not care and actually encouraged the idea of mass deaths.

“Mother Nature has to clean the barn every so often,” Burkman says. “How real is it? Who knows? So what if 1 percent of the population goes? So what if you lose 400,000 people? 200,000 were elderly, the other 200,000 are the bottom of society. You got to clean out the barn. If it’s real, it’s a positive thing, for God’s sake.”

Andrade sounded horrified by his “survival of the fittest” argument, and then Wohl begged her to keep her mouth shut and stick with her story.

“What could be wrong, Diana?” Wohl asks. “You did a good job, you got paid. What’s the problem? What seems to be the issue? You’re freaking out. You’re texting me late at night. What’s the issue?”

According to the report, Andrade was told that the lawyer who sent her the money was an actual lawyer with ties to the White House.

“Yeah, he’s a real lawyer,” Wohl says. “He’s a good lawyer.”

Shortly after the call ended, Andrade decided to send the recording to Reason and expose the pair’s nefarious scheme.

“I don’t know how they do all these things and why they do all these things,” Andrade said. “Also, he tried to frame Mueller … I’m like, how is he not in jail?”

H/T The Daily Boulder.

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Trump Spent Memorial Day Tweeting About Golf, Comparing Himself To Obama And Threatening a Democratic Governor



President Donald Trump spent most of the Memorial Day on Twitter defending himself from charges that he was golfing as the U.S. neared the horrific 100,000 coronavirus death milestone.

Trump, who frequently attacked then-president Barack Obama for golfing, has spent more than $130 million in taxpayers’ money on golfing trips. And he couldn’t take the heat after the campaign of presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden released an ad pointing out his golfing trip as the COVID-19 death toll mounts.

On Sunday, he responded to the ad, comparing himself (favorably, of course) to Obama:

On Monday, Memorial Day, he jumped on Twitter again, this time blaming the “truly deranged” media for supposedly elevating the story. “[Obama] also played moments after the brutal killing by ISIS of a wonderful young man,” Trump said. “Totally inappropriate – and it was me who shattered 100% of the ISIS Caliphate. I was left a MESS!”

Trump also threatened to pull the Republican National Convention from Charlotte, citing North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper’s “shutdown mood” and noncommitment to saying whether or not a convention for tens of thousands of people in the state’s largest city will be able to take place in August.

Aside from defending his hobbies, Trump’s Memorial Day weekend of tweeting included retweeting several posts by a former congressional candidate with a history of making racist and sexist remarks about black women.

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