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Democrats Are About To Retake The Senate And McConnell Is Panicking



With Election Day just more than six months away, the fight for the Senate majority is tightening with Democrats now gaining momentum, and Republicans are panicking.

Across the nation, some Senate Democratic candidates are starting to outraise vulnerable Republican incumbents in states where Trump’s approval rating has taken a hit, points out The Hill.

Citing Kyle Kondik, managing editor at Sabato’s Crystal Ball at the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, The Hill reports that “states like North Carolina and Maine have gotten better and better for Democrats throughout the cycle.”

The news outlet also cites Cook Political Report, another nonpartisan forecasting group saying “the chances of Democrats taking back the Senate are rising and now close to 50-50 odds with several plausible paths for Democrats to win a majority.”

Democratic challengers have outraised Republican incumbents in Arizona, Colorado, Kentucky, Maine, Montana, North Carolina and South Carolina — where Sen. Lindsey Graham is sliding in he polls.

The Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) had its best-ever first-quarter fundraising haul at $28 million.

Meanwhile, approval rating has taken a dive during the pandemic after initial gains.

A Gallup poll published Thursday showed the president’s approval rating at 43 percent, falling 6 percentage points from mid-March, the sharpest drop since he took office.

It’s going to be a bigger blue wave in November.

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GOP Group’s Stunning New Ad Rips Trump Over Russian Bounties: ‘You’re Either A Coward Or You’re Complicit’



The Lincoln Project, An anti-Trump Republican Super Pac, released two knock-out anti-Trump ads taking aim at the President’s betrayal of American troops and his racism.

In the video, titled “Betrayed,” former U.S Navy SEAL Dr. Dan Barkhuff unloads on Trump, calling out his cowardice and failure to stand up to Putin.

Barkhuff looks directly at the camera while saying, “We need to send this draft dodger back to his golf courses. The lives of our troops depend on it.” The ad blew up on Twitter getting shared thousands and thousands of times.


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