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Obama Posted The One Word That Will Destroy Trump And The GOP In November In Response To ‘Obamagate’ Conspiracy Theory



According to the Johns Hopkins University tracker, more than 1.4 million people have been infected with COVID-19 in the U.S and nearly 90,000 have died. Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has decided that the best way to avoid blame is to start another distraction, by tweeting the term “Obamagate,” in reference to his unfounded conspiracy theories about the Russia investigation.

Trump’s tweet came after former President Barack Obama called Trump’s pandemic response “an absolute chaotic disaster.”

On Thursday, Trump retweeted the word again as he continues to push his baseless conspiracy theories.

In response to Trump’s tweets, Obama, posted on three of his social media accounts a single word: “VOTE.” It appeared on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

On Thursday, a whistleblower delivered a stark testimony before Congress about President Trump’s failure to prepare for the crisis, saying, “the window is closing to address this pandemic because we still do not have a standard, centralized, coordinated plan to take our nation through this response.”

Also on Thursday, Senate Majority leader Mitch McConnell walked back comments from earlier this week that the Obama administration left Trump unprepared to handle a pandemic. “I was wrong,” McConnell said in an evening interview on Fox News. “They did leave behind a plan. So, I clearly made a mistake in that regard.”

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‘Trump Golfs You Die’ Trending After New Anti-Trump Ad Goes Viral



A new anti-Trump ad created by progressive video producers Meidas Touch is taking the internet by storm. The ad argues that while 100,000 Americans have died due to COVID-19, one wouldn’t know that from watching Trump golf for the 118th time.

The viral ad about Trump’s golfing expedition, showcasing the latest visit Trump took to the golf course, went viral shortly after it was uploaded and the hashtag #TrumpGolfsYouDie quickly started trending on Twitter.

Trump golfed on both Saturday and Sunday, not stopping to take a break from his extracurricular activities.


One upset Twitter user noted that Trump’s golfing wasn’t just out of place during a pandemic, it was also expensive.

Others pointed out the horrific COVID-19 death toll.

What is your response?

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